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In 2010, fun. opened for Jack’s Mannequin. In 2013, Andrew McMahon opened for fun.

Andrew McMahon played two Something Corporate songs, seven Jack’s Mannequin songs, and one song off of his upcoming solo E.P., which is due for release in February.

McMahon got the crowd involved during “La La Lie,” one of the Jack’s Mannequin’s songs. He made sure everyone in the sold-out venue knew the lyrics and he made them sing, while he sat and watched in awe. McMahon and his band also played a song that was released as a B-side on the Jack’s Mannequin album, “The Glass Passenger.”

McMahon’s setlist:

  1. Bruised (Jack’s Mannequin)
  2. I Woke Up in a Car (Something Corporate)
  3. The Resolution (Jack’s Mannequin)
  4. Swim (Jack’s Mannequin)
  5. Learn to Dance (new song)
  6. Holiday from Real (Jack’s Mannequin)
  7. Watch the Sky (Something Corporate)
  8. La La Lie (Jack’s Mannequin)
  9. Keep Rising  (Jack’s Mannequin)
  10. Dark Blue (Jack’s Mannequin)

It was another half hour before fun. took the stage. But when they did, the entre venue became silent. Then fun. started singing and the entire audience was blown away.

The band played three new songs during their set, which was a surprise to the old fans. They kept the fans occupied by encouraging them to sing along and dance throughout the entire set.

Since the show was Andrew Dost’s hometown show, Nate Ruess dedicated the tearjerker, “The Gambler” to Dost’s family.

The band also decided to keep the majority of their setlist focused on their sophomore album, “Some Nights” when was a really nice change for a veteran fan like myself.

fun. even played their unreleased song, “What the Fuck?” which was a huge surprise to all of the fans.

fun.’s setlist:

  1. Out on the Town
  2. Some Nights
  3. All the Pretty Girls
  4. Why Am I the One?
  5. At Least I’m Not As Sad (As I Used to Be)
  6. All Alone
  7. It Gets Better
  8. Barlights
  9. Carry On
  10. The Gambler
  11. What the Fuck?
  12. We Are Young
  13. All Alright
  14. One Foot
  15. Stars

The concert was by far one of the most energetic concerts that I have been to. The passion that the band has for their music is undeniable.

Ruess was quoted by NPR stating, “I prefer to connect with fans from the stage. Like, I don’t have a Twitter page, or anything like that. So for me, that’s what the show is about. For me - is a way to interact with fans; being up onstage and showing them, through music - which is all I really know - the best way to say thank you.

And it is very apparent that Ruess is very thankful for everything that has happened to him and his band in the past year.



Photo credit goes to Hannah.